Deliver cost effective tinnitus treatment

Oto’s partner programme gives you everything you need to manage patients with tinnitus. Provide personalised and evidence-based care using our digitally enabled pathway.

Partner with us
The Oto Partner Programme helps you to manage tinnitus patients.

The Digitally Enabled Tinnitus Pathway

The Oto Tinnitus App - CBT STOPP Tool
Manage tinnitus using Oto

Manage Tinnitus

Deliver evidence-based tinnitus treatment for your patients. Including CBT, ACT, targeted mindfulness and relaxation therapy.

Oto's tinnitus pathway is cost effective.

Cost effective

Provide a tinnitus management package that fits in seamlessly with your current offering whilst improving your earnings.

Let Oto provide expert guidance in tinnitus management.

Expert Guidance

Get all the information and guidance you need to get started, with our team of tinnitus experts always on hand to help.