Why are we here?

There are 390 million people with tinnitus around the world. We have made it our mission to help them. Oto's therapy is based on the latest research and is accessible to all.

Oto's team has decades of experience in tinnitus management.

We understand tinnitus

Tinnitus is tough. We know because we have it.

During our time as doctors, we also experienced the frustration and struggles it caused to our patients who were waiting months for professional help. Tinnitus just didn’t seem to be taken as seriously as other conditions. It didn't seem fair.

So, we’ve done something about it. We brought together an expert team to create Oto: an app which treats tinnitus. We’ve seen how complex and confusing treatment can be. Oto keeps things simple.

You’ll be guided on a journey, learning the tools and techniques which you need to find life beyond tinnitus.

Dr George Leidig & Dr Edmund Farrar, Oto Co-Founders

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Meet Oto

Dr Edmund Farrar, Oto co-founder. Has tinnitus.

Dr Edmund Farrar

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Ed is a doctor and NHS Clinical
Entrepreneur, and has tinnitus.

Dr George Leidig, Oto's co-founder. Has tinnitus.

Dr George Leidig

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George is an NHS doctor and
programmer, and has tinnitus himself.

Lili Miller, head of tinnitus therapy at Oto.

Lili Miller

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Head of Content

Lili is a professionally trained
actor with experience across
theatre and television.

Anna Pugh, tinnitus therapy lead at Oto. Has tinnitus

Anna Pugh

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Therapy Lead

Anna is a nationally renowned
and award winning tinnitus
therapist. Anna has tinnitus.

Jacob Marshall, sound engineer at Oto

Jacob Marshall

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Audio Engineer

Jacob is a music production
graduate with industry
experience in post production.


Who we're working with

We are partnered with the charity RNID to help develop Oto's tinnitus therapy.British Tinnitus Association in partnership with OtoBethnal Green Ventures have supported Oto in our tinnitus journey. Bethnal Green Ventures have supported Oto in our tinnitus journey.

Join the Oto team

We’re a team of doctors, audiologists, therapists, voice artists, sound engineers and researchers. We are united by a passion for improving the lives of people with tinnitus.

If you’d like to join us on our journey, we’d love to hear from you.

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