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Access to tinnitus relief whenever you need it - tinnitus therapy in your pocket.

Tinnitus therapy in your pocket

No more waiting for treatment. Access to tinnitus therapy, whenever you need it.

Get tinnitus relief with CBT - Oto's therapy is backed by science and based on the latest research.

Therapy backed by science

Oto's treatment for tinnitus is based on the latest research - including CBT & mindfulness.

Oto sound therapy - Relax and find tinnitus relief with Oto's library of curated masks.

A mask library tailored to you

Regain a sense of balance with Oto's sound therapy. The only masking device you'll ever need.

Oto was built by tinnitus experts.

Built by doctors and experts

Our team has decades of experience in tinnitus. We understand your journey.

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Empowering you to manage your tinnitus - use the oto app to find tinnitus relief.

Empowering you to manage your tinnitus

There are millions of people with tinnitus around the world, but help is hard to find. You could be waiting months to see a specialist and get medical advice. Oto changes that. Now, you can download Oto to instantly start your digital tinnitus therapy.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is proven to be the most effective way to treat tinnitus. It trains your brain to respond differently to the sound it perceives. Gradually the changes in your neural network mean you hear your tinnitus less and less. Habituation is the point at which you no longer notice it at all, with little impact on your quality of life.

We’re with you on this journey. With Oto, you will build your own personal toolkit of CBT, mindfulness based therapy, relaxation techniques and sound therapy. Reduce the intrusion of tinnitus by managing the stress associated with it, improving your sleep and moving to a place where you're more in control.

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Trusted by people with tinnitus

The Oto app for tinnitus has 5 star reviews.

"I tried a few different things but the only one that has reduced the loudness is by undergoing exercises through this app"

Arthur, UK
The Oto app for tinnitus has 5 star reviews.

"I found this app when my tinnitus had spiralled out of control. It offers a step by step approach with such useful exercises"

Liz, UK
The Oto app for tinnitus has 5 star reviews.

"This app is a massive support for me. I use it first thing in morning and it helps me start the day in a positive way"

Chris, UK
The Oto app for tinnitus has 5 star reviews.

"I would highly recommend this. Having suffered with tinnitus for 14 months, I found the app a great help with the tinnitus"

Brendan, UK
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The Oto app features

Instant access to science based tinnitus therapy

The Oto app features

Includes CBT, targeted mindfulness, relaxation and sound therapy

The Oto app features

Created by a team of doctors and tinnitus experts

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Tinnitus relief and reaching habituation is all about learning what works best for you.
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