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Why Oto?

Tinnitus programs built by experts living with tinnitus.

Our personalised program is designed to help you reclaim your life and regain a sense of peace and calm.

This is not a tinnitus cure - there isn’t one - but once you start with Oto, you won’t need one.
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How does Oto work?

Through personalised support, we will teach you how to tune out tinnitus.

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We only include scientifically backed methods in our program, such as CBT, mindfulness, and tinnitus retraining, so you can tune out tinnitus and focus on what really works.
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Expert guidance.

Our expert team have helped thousands of people get their life back from tinnitus. With dedicated support at every step of your journey,  and with sessions that suit your timeline, you won’t have to manage your tinnitus alone.
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We can support 95% of tinnitus cases.

Every person is unique, and so are their symptoms, but by using the most effective, clinically proven techniques, our personalised coaching program can provide relief for the majority of cases.
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How to access Oto

We provide tinnitus coaching via 1-1 sessions or the Oto app.

1-1 Tinnitus coaching

Oto provides personalised 1-1 coaching with an expert. We'll create a bespoke plan based on your needs, and around your schedule.
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Tinnitus support app

The Oto app offers instant access to tinnitus programs that really works - over 86% of our users said they 'feel better' within one month.
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We’ve helped thousands forget about their tinnitus
The most helpful tool...
"Oto turned my perception of tinnitus around when nothing else seemed to help. I can say it is the most helpful tool available to any new or current tinnitus sufferer."

Imran - Oto user.

I gained control...
"I found Oto at a time when my tinnitus had spiked and spiralled out of control. It offers a personalised step by step approach to therapy. Oto’s therapy helped me to gain some control, calm and relief..."

Jan - Oto user.

Suddenly I found success...
"I found Oto… wow what a blessing, I was going off my mind and then suddenly I found success. I love keeping up the sessions and I practice the techniques over and over again."

Hassan - Oto user.

I no longer need support...
"Thank you Oto team for this amazing therapy. The CBT sessions made all the difference to my recovery. I actually no longer need the support of Oto but I credit it with giving me tools that I can rely on to manage my tinnitus."

Claire - Oto user.

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Meet the Oto experts

Our specialist team have incorporated decades of tinnitus expertise into our unique coaching program
Anna pugh
Anna Pugh
Award-winning audiologist and tinnitus therapist
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Jameel M
Jameel Muzaffar
ENT Consultant and leading hearing researcher
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Dr George Leidig
Dr George Leidig
Oto Founder
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Dr Edmund Farrar
Dr Edmund Farrar
Oto Founder
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