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Audiologist Reviews

Emily Balmer

The Hearing Suite, Harrogate

"I have been recommending Oto to my clients for quite a few months now. The feedback I have had has been really positive. To have therapeutic sessions, relaxations and much more that they can work through at their own pace has been a super addition to their care. Thank you team Oto."

Celeste Coetzer

AngliEAR Hearing, Cambridge

"We have been using the Oto app in our tinnitus management strategy for some time now. It really is such a useful, informative app. We like to refer to it as 'CBT in your pocket' as it really encompasses all the areas we need to consider in management and allows us to tailor the programme for each client. The clients find it easy to engage with, understand the information and this truly helps them to develop strategies that enable them to control the tinnitus better over time. I also find that the relaxation and mindfulness strategies is actually something that clients start to employ in different areas of their life, so for some, the benefit even stretches beyond tinnitus management. I would happily recommend this app to anyone starting their tinnitus journey."