Introducing a new approach for tinnitus

We've joined forces with Nuheara to deliver a new way to improve quality of life for people with tinnitus.

Digital Tinnitus Toolkit
Receive a FREE 12 month Oto subscription with every purchase of Nuheara IQbuds MAX²
Hero imageThe Oto app trains you to stop noticing the ringing using proven techniques - on your own terms.
Disclaimer: Not available in the United States

What you'll get

The Oto app is the best way to relieve the ringing. Available on iOS and Android.

Oto Tinnitus App

Instantly access a life changing tinnitus program with the Oto app. You'll learn how to take control of the ringing using clinically proven cognitive techniques. 86% of Oto's users experience lasting benefits after just 1 month.

Nuheara IQBuds² MAX

These multi-award winning bluetooth earbuds offer Ear ID™ personalisation, Active Noise Cancellation and customised sound control. Approximately 40% of Nuheara customers who give IQbuds² MAX a 5-star rating indicate they experience tinnitus.

Oto has been a lifesaver

The techniques help me start the day in a positive way, and I can go back whenever I have a bad or panicky moment. There are so many helpful sessions in the programmes. Having tinnitus can be a very lonely experience but listening to Otomakes you realise that you are not alone.

Jan - United Kingdom
Client photo

About Nuheara

Nuheara is transforming the way people hear by creating personalised hearing solutions that are multifunctional, accessible and affordable to an underserviced global market.

Headquartered in Perth, Australia, Nuheara is a global hearing health company that has developed innovative proprietary and multi-functional intelligent hearing technology that augments a person’s hearing and facilitates cable free connection to smart devices.

Hear the world on your terms with IQbuds² MAX

Ear ID™ for True Personalisation

Best in Class Sound Fidelity

Active Noise Cancellation

World Volume Control

SINC (Speech in Noise Control)

Directional Focus

Adjustable Location Pre-sets

Convenient Tap Touch Controls


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